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DAlle Fitness

If you want to get in shape and have fun while doing it, then Dalle Fitness is for you.  Led by Tiffany Dallenbach, an experienced fitness specialist, you’ll be trained in a friendly and comfortable environment.  You will see results and be happy with both the way you look and feel. 

Years of Experience:

Over 10 years of personal training, group fitness, and

health/fitness presenting


Liability Insurance through Thompson Insurance Enterprises

Training Environment

Residential building gym, office building gym, outdoors, client’s home (client’s equipment), group fitness, corporate events, and health/fitness seminars

Special Populations

Elderly, new to exercise, teenagers, and post-rehab

Sport/Training Styles

Golf, swimming, long distance running, reformer pilates,

boot camp, functional training, and weight loss

Tiffany Dallenbach